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We are providing resources for Island Research working as a Virtual Research Environment (VRE). This project was partially funded by FCT-PTDC/BIA-BIC/119255/2010 – “Biodiversity on oceanic islands: towards a unified theory” and is an initiative of the Thematic Line of cE3c - Island Ecology & Environmental Risks ( leaded by Azorean Biodiversity Group (cE3c) (

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  • 09 09

    Important contribution of Azorean Biodiversity members to the volume 34 of the "Arquipelago - Life and Marine Sciences" journal

    The most recent volume of the annual Journal "Arquipelago - Life and Marine Sciences", Volume 34, had an important contribution from the Azorean(...)

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  • 20 06

    Azorean arthropods are used as models to test the influence of dispersal on SADs

    Species abundance distributions (SAD) are central to the description of diversity and have played a major role in the development of theories of(...)

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  • 25 02

    Four new species for science of beetles for Azores

    Four new species of beetles were described by researchers from Azorean Biodiversity Group (cE3c). Recent findings based on molecular data support the(...)

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  • 22 01

    The 2016 Report of Azorean Biodiversity Group is already available

    In 2016, the main achievements of the 21 integrated members with Ph.D. of ABG-cE3c included 112 publications, 55 of which in International Indexed(...)

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