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Biodiversity in Azores

The new version of the the Azores Bioportal is already Online. This new version was supported by the Project ATLANTIS-MAR funded by the Azorean Government  DRCT- M2.1.2/I/027/2011 - Mapping coastal and marine biodiversity of the Azores (2012-2015).

This project will be funded in the next five years (2016-2020) by the FCT Infraestructures (Research Infrastructures 2013 Call) within the project PORBIOTA.

The goal of the Azorean BioPortal (ABP) is to promote knowledge and conservation of Azorean biodiversity through the maintenance and enhancement of an integrated digital portal. This region is an important biodiversity hotspot and these data are fundamentally important to many areas of science and policy, and particularly to environmental conservation under conditions of climate change. This portal combines various biodiversity data sources and links these to a small number of international activities (e.g. GBIF and NATURDATA). The project has a single institutional partner but is spread across three research units (Azorean Biodiversity Group - cE3c; CIBIO-Azores; IMAR-DOP / MARE).

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