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Island Geographical Data

Paleo Islands and Archipelago Configuration (PIAC) database


Here, we present the Paleo Islands and Archipelago Configuration (PIAC) database, containing sea level driven paleogeography changes over the late Quaternary of 178 islands in 27 archipelagos. The R functions developed to calculate archipelago configuration and paleo-area are provided to allow calculations for other islands, time steps, and higher spatiotemporal resolutions.

The current data is under a process of Peer-Review with the following reference:

Norder, S.J., Baumgartner, J.B., Borges, P.A.V., Hengl, T., Kissling, W.D., Van Loon, E.E. & Rijsdijk, K.F. (2017). A global spatially explicit database of changes in island paleo-area and archipelago configuration during the lateQuaternary. Global Ecology and Biogeography. In Press

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