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José Alberto Pinheiro Marcelino

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Developing the project E.D.E.N. Azorean Habitats ( which encompasses methodology that will ensure the genetic profiling and identification of key bioindicator species (i.e. arthropods in the families Collembola, Staphylinidae, Araneae and order Isopoda) in the ecosystems of the Azores. Invertebrate communities on an ecosystem gradient comprising 8 habitat types, distributed in 5 representative islands of the archipelago of the Azores (scaling up from pristine to anthropogenic influenced habitats), have been monitored for all available strata at a given habitat.

 The framework of E.D.E.N. Azorean Habitats will enable to evaluate the impact of anthropogenic and ecological changes in biotic communities and ultimately incorporate the use of biotic key organisms as tangible biological tools in impact analysis methodologies, as well as, governmental and ecological decision making processes. Data gathered will form the scientific basis for the development of an holistic risk assessment methodology which can be utilized to more judiciously use the natural resources of the Azorean archipelago in order to safeguard, and enhance, the sustainable development of insular agro-and-pristine ecosystems, and warrant the collateral economic, ecological and tourist revenues of emblematic ecosystems of the Azores.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Macroecology, Microbiology, Entomology and Phylogenetics.

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