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Team Member

Silvia Calvo Aranda

External Collaborator

Ph.D Student. DRCT grant in Ecology by University of Azores (2007-2011).

Project. Modelling bryophyte species’ distribution to identify main biodiversity patterns in islands.

Supervisors: Prof. Rosalina Gabriel, Prof. Paulo Borges (Univ. Açores) and Prof. Jorge M. Lobo (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales de Madrid).


Species are not usually distributed at all sites that are environmentally suitable, why? In my thesis I will try to answer this question considering the diversity of bryophytes in the Azores. Because biological information is often incomplete and biased, both taxonomically and geographically, before wondering about ecological and biogeographical hypotheses, I will analyze how complete the available information collected over time is and, on this basis, I will suggest a field sampling design to cover knowledge gaps and to adequately represent the bryophyte species’ distribution. I will use the obtained data from my field work to validate simple distribution models that predict the potential niche of the species throughout the archipelago, and I will try to explain the state of non-equilibrium for the different species (potential niche vs. real niche) with functional biological traits and attributes of the islands.


Profile Information

Institution Associated Currently at: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Taxonomic Group Bryophytes

Studied Region Macaronesia (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands)

Bryophytes; Ecology